We create and make great snack bars…
Simple? Well, no, actually you’ll see that we’re a little bit different...


We like to innovate, have loads of great ideas
and understand the market place. We give the best possible quality and service. Our people care. Our snack bars are special. We mostly work in the niche and healthier market areas. Areas like diet control, gluten free, lactose free, low or no added sugar, sports nutrition, organic, fair trade… the list is endless.


The best thing about us is that we have a great team and our very own factory by the seaside in Tywyn, Mid Wales. Our people have bundles of experience and have been making snack bars for a long time.


Our factory is quite small. Well, we say small… we can make over a hundred million bars a year there, which is quite a lot. We also have friends in Europe with large scale factories who can help us with bigger orders, if that’s what our customers need.



We are delighted to have been shortlisted for a Wales Start-Up Award, one of four companies listed in the Food and Drink category. The new awards, sponsored by NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark, are exclusive to start-ups which started trading after 1 May, 2013. The inaugural awards ceremony takes place on Friday September 16th.


Brighter, it’s what we’re ALL about!

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